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Land Wanted
We are a fast growing Properties Development Company. We would like to start several new projects at a time. We need land at Halishahar, Chandganon R/A, CDA Avenue and any other key lockation of the Chittagong City. We offer very attractive sharing ratio.

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Career With Us
We are a fast growing Properties Development Company. We have started project at south Khulshi, Chittagong. We welcome you to our team of excellence if you feel that you fit the requisites. We offer very attractive remuneration.

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Current News
Message from the Chairman

Dear Customers,
We appreciate for your time while you are reading this message. We do believe that the housing is a basic right for every citizen of Bangladesh. We devote our all sincere efforts to materialize your dream of a House in reality.

We are a team working together to achieve this goal. We build homes for you in every important locations in the Chittagong City Corporation area. We are expanding our horizon and shortly we will start the construction work in greater Chittagong division and all over the country. We seek your wholehearted cooperation.

Best Regards,